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A consultation at Kevin Hancock Plastic Surgery Ltd will always be with Kevin Hancock himself, not with salespeople. At the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your requirements with Mr Hancock, who can best advise you on treatment options after examination.

You will be given information which you can take home and peruse at your leisure or discuss with close friends or family members to help you make your decision. We do not encourage people to commit to surgery at consultation.

We do not offer incentives for patients to commit and there are no gimmicks. Opting for cosmetic surgery is a serious decision and one we encourage you to think about carefully before making a booking.

Mr Hancock charges for all initial appointments but if you have more questions further consultations may be offered for no charge.

After your initial consultation you will be given a package price for your operation which covers the cost of the surgery including the hospital and anaesthetist's fees. For package patients Mr Hancock does not charge for his routine follow-up appointments.

If you have further questions after your initial consultation please get in touch with us on 0151 342 5262 and possibly return for further discussion with Mr Hancock if necessary.