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I am 62 years old. Female. And have suffered with droopy eye lids for many years. Without going into too much detail, I met Mr Kevin Hancock (plastic surgeon specialist) in July this year for a consultation at my local hospital. He was very understanding and reassured me that he could help solve my problem. On the 21st of August I was admitted to Nobles Hospital Isle of Man and had surgery to both my upper eye lids. I can honestly say that I have not felt as confident and happy with myself for as long as I can remember. My eyes now look bright and fresh like they were when I was a young woman. Thank You Mr Hancock.
Marilyn from Isle of Man, September 2015 EYELID SURGERY

I had a breast uplift and implant at Noble's Hospital Isle of Man in January 2014 under the care of Mr Hancock . I am over the moon at the outcome of my surgery and would highly recommend Mr Hancock . I have had excellent care and follow up.

My scars around the nipples and going vertically down have virtually disappeared with minimal scar beneath that is hardly noticeable . I had no real nipple sensation prior to surgery but now my nipples have good sensation and make me feel like a normal woman. Mr Hancock is a superior surgeon and his work treatment and care is impeccable my breasts are very natural looking and feeling and the surgery has changed my life thank you Mr Hancock!!
Jane, Isle of Man, August 2014

In November 2013 I underwent a facelift with lipofilling at our local hospital, Nobles Isle of Man. The surgery was carried out by Mr K. Hancock. The result was beyond all expectations. Thanks and gratitude to a wonderful surgeon. Huge thanks also to the anaesthetist and staff at the hospital. The attention was wonderful, my every need attended – thank you.
Jackie from Isle of Man, 2013

After many years of considering Rhinoplasty I decided that I was going to proceed with surgery. I had previously heard good reports of a surgeon, Mr Kevin Hancock. After having a consultation with Mr Hancock I had surgery at the Spire Murrayfield Hospital in the Wirral...the only thing I can say is that it's the best thing I have had done, Mr Hancock made me feel totally at ease, he explained exactly what I could expect and exactly what he thought he could offer me, the hospital staff couldn't have put me more at ease!!! I would definitely recommend Mr Hancock. I felt very little discomfort after surgery and had no bruising which was very surprising, if I decide to have any further surgery in the future it would definitely be with the same surgeon and hospital.
Helen from Isle of Man 2013 RHINOPLASTY

In 1998 Mr Hancock was recommended to me by a retired plastic surgeon. After a consultation at his clinic I had a facelift. The facelift took the tiredness out of my face. So it worked for me. Since then I have had BOTOX® face injections twice a year. Again it worked for me. The BOTOX® has stopped the formation of forehead lines and laughter creases around the eyes. 14 years after the facelift I felt my face needed a freshen up, so this year I had a secondary facelift. Again it worked for me and I am very happy with the way I look now. Over the years I have had valuable advice and excellent treatment.
Emma from Merseyside 2012 FACELIFTS

I have recently undergone upper eyelid surgery under the care of Mr. Hancock at The Catharine Medical Centre, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and I am more than delighted with the result. Prior to surgery I had noticed my upper eyelids seemed to be disappearing! It was pointless applying eye shadow as it could not be seen and my eyelashes seemed to be obscured by excessive skin. I was constantly told how tired I looked even after a good night’s sleep. I had researched the procedure on the internet and it was then a matter of finding a surgeon I finally took the plunge after meeting someone socially, the most striking feature about this lady was her eyes which I commented on. She told me that she had had upper lid surgery performed by Mr. Hancock and the decision about who to consult was made. I consulted Mr. Hancock at The Catharine Medical Centre who confirmed that I did have hooding of my eyes and that this could be remedied with upper eyelid surgery. He explained the procedure in full, explaining about the scars, how I would look after the surgery and what I could expect in time. I felt so confident in his ability that I would have had the surgery there and then. However it was four weeks later when I was admitted to The Catharine Medical Centre. I had opted to have the surgery under a local anaesthetic and although a little nervous to begin with, this soon disappeared. The staff were friendly and reassuring and I was shown to a lovely room which was more like 5* hotel accommodation than a hospital bedroom and once settled, I was given a menu to choose my lunch. There was an entertainment system with internet access, radio and tv which kept me fully occupied until I was taken to theatre. Mr. Hancock explained what was happening throughout the procedure which I have to say was entirely painless due to his expertise and I felt safe and reassured at all times. When I returned to the ward about an hour later I had pads on my eyes. The ward staff made me feel so comfortable that I almost forgot that I had had surgery. The entertainment system is a fantastic idea as I was able to listen to the radio and the time passed quickly. I was back at work less than two weeks later. At last I have eyelids, my eyelashes appear longer as they are no longer hidden by excess skin and I have wide awake eyes. The scars are in the crease of my eyelid, not obvious and can be concealed by makeup but I haven’t found this necessary. Just to say, in terms of cost, this is an affordable procedure that will make an enormous difference to your appearance (if performed by Mr. Hancock)! I am so pleased!! If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery, my advice is to look no further than Mr. Hancock’s website and make an appointment - you will not be disappointed.
Elizabeth from Liverpool 2012 EYELID SURGERY

After being told I was not suitable for abdominoplasty in the UK due to an old scar I heard Mr Hancock was performing this procedure on the Isle of Man. I arranged a consultation with Mr Hancock and was thrilled when he said he could perform the operation and it could be done on the island in the private wing of Noble's Hospital.
Its now six months later and the results of the operation are excellent, having the procedure done on the island made things much easier for me and my family. If anyone is thinking of having this procedure on the island it is well worth it.
Samantha from Isle of Man 2011 ABDOMINOPLASTY

I underwent a rhinoplasty under Mr Hancock in Liverpool Women's Hospital in 2010. To say I am delighted with the results is an understatement. I have only one regret, that I wished I had taken the plunge years ago! I never fail to be impressed when I look in the mirror at Mr Hancock's handiwork, it is nothing short of exactly what I asked and hoped for, subtle and now perfect for my face and rest of my features. I now have the nose I should have been born with!
Paula from Liverpool 2010 RHINOPLASTY

I was referred to Mr Hancock in 2010 following a disastrous breast augmentation in Belgium four years ago. I was looking for a professional doctor who could perform my reconstructive breast surgery. After travelling abroad for my first operation and having the worst experience of my life there was no way I was doing that again. I wanted someone locally and trustworthy. I had my initial consultation with Mr Hancock and I was immediately impressed for once I’d found a doctor who was interested in me as a person. He knew exactly how I felt and he did not pressurise me into making any decisions. His goal was to fix me and make me look “normal” again. I would recommend Mr Hancock – he is an excellent surgeon both pre-op and post-op he is knowledgeable and does not judge. He does not see you as cash but sees you as a person. I thank him so much I am so happy with how I look now.
Linda from Isle of Man BREAST SURGERY 2010

I chose to have a breast enlargement at the age of 65 for personal reasons and I was very apprehensive as I had never undergone surgery before. However, Mr Kevin Hancock could not have put me more at ease and I have not looked back since. I had very clear and detailed consultations with Mr Hancock before the procedure, and the aftercare by Kevin and the team at Spire Murrayfield Hospital on the Wirral was second to none. I felt like a Queen! My advice to those who are considering it would be to research, think carefully and then visit Mr Hancock as I have not looked back since. I feel more confident than ever before and people from all over the area are coming to visit me to tell me how fantastic I look! If you are considering it - go for it!
Joan from North Wales 2010 BREAST AUGMENTATION

Mr Kevin Hancock is one truly amazing man, he was so nice and made me feel so welcome when I was having my surgery. He will go all the way to make you feel happy and ensures that you are happy with the result. I am very very pleased with my result and would recommend Mr Hancock to everyone! The best surgeon I have come across for a long time.
Laura from Liverpool 2009 BREAST SURGERY